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Mindfields - Star Trek the Next Generation - Tapestry and Picard Preview

Its Sci - Fi Friday and here you are again faithful Mindfielders. This week we give you what you need to know before watching Picards and a full simulcast of STTNG Tapestry. Colin lists out what you need to watch if you are a newbie to the Next Gen lore or if you just need a refresher before we go into an episode that shows you parts of Picard crucial to the new series.

We missed you! Back full force at 3 episodes a week starting NOW

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin

Available on all Apple and Google Podcast Streamers, as well as Stitcher, Soundcloud and Spotify!.

Colins list:

Season 7 Decent part 1 and 2

Star Trek First Contact

Star Trek Nemesis

2009’s Star Trek by JJ Abrams


7 0f 9 - Scorpion parts 1 and 2 from Voyager

Unimatrix - 1 and 2 and even Endgame From Voyager


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