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"The Mindfields podcast is by far the most superior podcast tackling heavy hitting important concepts such as why the clone saga was the worst thing ever and who should have the championship belt. These guys are true genieousess' in their field. I'm jealous of their girlfriends. 

- nobody ever  -

Cheers everybody! We are Colin and Joshua Michael. A few months ago we were driving around talking about comics and New Japan Pro Wrestling and we realized that our conversation was absolutely engaging and that we should start a podcast. We are established writers in our own fields and always attack our discussions about comics as writers. We love to theorize about why a certain story line went a certain way, or why it HAD to go a certain way. We love discussing and dissecting stories and characters and truly immersing ourselves in the perspective art forms that we enjoy.  We welcome any and all discussion, love, hate or rebuttals. If we get something wrong, let us know! We hope you walk away from our podcasts having learned a ton about the history of these mediums. The format is tight the first portion dubbed the Short box goes over all of this weeks comics, Longbox follows next where we go in-depth on previous runs of comics, writers and their legacy. Also in-between we will be discussing ROH, NJPW, All Elite Wrestling, Impact! Wrestling, Blackcraftcult etc...and definitely some WWE. 


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