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IWR 43

Mindfields - Indy Wrestling Report 43 - Lilith Grimm and the Ritual of Revenge

I survived yet another interview playing with FIRE. Lilith Grimm. Mindfields Alumni returns after a year, we promised after a year we would reconvene. However, this time she’s gotten much more powerful in her prowress. Ignore the fact that her and i just had an entire night of laughing our asses off talking about violence, hurting those who hurt us, revenge on our enemies, punishing the families of said families…their friends..their mom, dad, pets, brothers, sisters,…anybody who has wronged us. THEY MUST PAY.

We’re proud as hell of her accomplishments and her progress in CSW, RMP, DCW…the list is growing.

Again we present the latest hit single of our homeboys in evil SUICIDE PUPPETS. The track - “HATE YOU RIGHT BACK.”

This weeks psycho of the week being Mister Jeffery Dahmer presented for all you MFERS and PUPPET ARMY BY VERITAS SUICIDE.

Ladies, gentlemen

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin, and Sgt. Slikk,

As always you can find us for free on Youtube, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud, any and all Google or Apple Podcast streamers, Stitcher…i can go on…of even the website.

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