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  • Joshua Michael and Colin

IWR 33

Mindfields - Indy Wrestling Report - 33 - CHANGO

GOOD DAY TO YOU OLD MINDFIELDS CHAPS! TODAY WE HAVE THE ELEGANT THE EMPEROR THE SUPREME MAD SHOWMAN CHANGO! Yes i had yell that how the hell could I not all caps you guys introducing one of the premier wrestlers in Colorado. We’ve all seen him here in CSW, Primos, Rocky Mountain Pro…etc..but who the hell is he really? Does he tell his life story? NO. Does he give us a glimpse into those big beautiful eyes of his to get a hint at WHY he is? Absolutely. Those eyes that stare at you like he’s busy deciding if he is going to destroy you or hug you. You never known. It was an absolute pleasure to interview such a complex, soulful and inspired man. This is a deep dive into why he was so passionate about the Black Lives/Wrestlers movement. Dissecting his promo last Sunday at the BWM show is intense. Strap in for this one kiddies….i give you the MAD SHOWMAN.

This is dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin, and Sgt. Slick

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