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Mindfields - Film Report 1 - Hostage with Director Gino Alfonso and Actor Sam De Los Santos

Denver’s got a indy film revolution coming. These guys weren’t sitting on their asses when the covid hit. They worked their asses off to develop scripts, film in safety and prepare for the coming of their art. Think of a wine sommelier preparing for the delicate bouquet of vanilla, leather, dessert rain and HORROR.

Gino Alfonso has crafted a script of “shouldn’t have fucked with the wrong guys….and their mommas will never see them again” beauty. We have Gino himself along as lead actor Sam De Los Santos walking through Mindfields. Filming beings next week here in Denver. Move out of the sticks guys. Amazing art is happening here. Don’t fall asleep and miss out. If you cant show your support here:

This is Dangerous

Joshua Michael

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