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We survived AEW - Revolution did we like it? Is Morales about to go on one of his classic Morales fury filled rants? What of the new McFarlane figures? Joshua Michael got the Kickstarter Spawn in the mail and cant wait to tell you all about it! And comics! Always Comics!

And people please calm down about all these rebirths! It’s fun! Comics reviewed are:

Infinite frontier - 0

Walking Dead - 10

Batman Infinite Frontier- 106

Dead Dogs - 1


Suicide Squad Infinite Frontier - 1

Crime Syndicate Infinite Frontier - 1 of 6

Hellions -10

Man Bat - 2

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin, Tony Morales, Sgt. Slikk

As always you can find us for free on Youtube, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud, any and all Google or Apple Podcast streamers, Stitcher…i can go on…of even the website.

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