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Mindfields - 51

Still here and still kicking ass. We go over the comics we didn’t get to last week since comic production has been halted indefinitely. Thank you so much for all the hardworking artists and writers, inkers and letterers, editors…you name it. Thank you so much for your hard work and passion for your craft we cannot wait to see what you are working on during the quarantine.

This issue we tackle the idea of what does it mean to be a comics aficionado. As a reader and as somebody who would like to call themselves an expert/buff what responsibility do you have to yourself and others when you consume the content?

We finally decode exactly what he Night Nurse is in both Daredevil and Doctor Strange. Whats better? NYX or Runaways?

Comics reviewed:

Falcon and Winter Soldier - 2

Analog - 10

Jessica Jones Blindspot - 6

Justice League - 43

The Flash - 752

Road to Empire - 1 The Kree Skrull Road

Be safe. This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin

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