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Mindfields - Issue 49

Staying positive that’s the key. This week was the last week that Diamond is going to be shipping comics to stores until further notice thanks to this pandemic. Listen in to stay positive with us, find good content while you’re cooped up and how to support your local stores. Also we review last weeks comics hopefully still on the shelves. Comic book stores are NOT closed everywhere. They just won’t be getting any new content for awhile. Next week we will review everything that came out early on Tuesday. After that our comics episodes will review event series, random books we think you should read etc…

We are still here for you and let us know if you want us to cover anything in particular. Hit us up at Comics reviewed are:

Fantastic Four - 20

Marvels X - 3

Batman - 91

Star Wars - 4

Falcon and Winter Soldier - 1

Undiscovered Country - 5

Guardians of the Galaxy - 3

This is dangerous,

Stay safe.

Joshua Michael and Colin

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