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Mindfields - Indy Wrestling Report 39 - Captain Stevens CSW CHAMP

MINDFIELDERS! Happy Friday to you all! Today I bring to you the one the only dread CAPTAIN STEVENS. Currently the Colorado Springs Wrestling CHAMPION!

We talk violence. We talk comics. We talk all things that involve rolling dice and choking people out in the ring. It was an honor to walk away from that with my head still on. Have an amazing day today guys and don’t forget this Saturday at Sunshine in the Springs CSW is throwing down its TC TRIBUTE. Randy Chacon’s brother would be so proud to see what his little brother has been up too. Wish i could have met him but im sure as hell going to honor him on the decks this weekend.

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin and Sgt. Slikk.

Available on Youtube, All Apple and Google Podcast downloaders, Spotify, Soundcloud and even STITCHER. or the website

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