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Mindfields - Issue 29

This week Colin and Joshua Michael and a killer weekend (of last). Colin broke his pelvis and Joshua Michael went to the best wrestling shows in Colorado (except the Primos Slave to the Death match show but it was a work night). Joshua did his first in ring promo with The Madman Sam from the Badlands at the Colorado Spring Wrestling Friday the 13th event where our boy Javier Cruz won some gold. The New Era Pro Wrestling event in Denver was just choice cuts of awesome. And then we review these comics..

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Daredevil 11

Doomsday Clock 11

King Thor 1

The Beauty 29

Doctor Strange 19

Silver Surfer Black 4

The Orville 2

Event Leviathan 4

Hit Girl 8 4/4

Wonder Woman 78

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin.

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