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Theres quite a bit this week. Comic, wrestling and future pleasures news. How do we approach it? With hating on the fans of course! Punk rock awesomeness! They ruined everything! LOL.

Talking Bullet Points:

Jon Moxley Hurt

Wednesday night Wars NXT moving to USA, HHH losing control.

Pac Replacing Moxley

Can David beat Goliath?

Black Widow that I keep calling Scarlet Witch teaser poster Showing Red Guardian

Moon Night Announced.

Sony Vs Disney with Spidey saying “I love you 3000”

New Ghost in the Shell The Human Algorithm

New Punisher 2099

2099 line is returning in November

Palpatine in the shadows of the latest Star Wars poster

Marvel’s Star Wars ending in November with 75 - now they can do in-between of other movies such as Empire to Jedi.

New Breaking Bad Movie

Garth Ennis writing 2 new punisher series

Comics We Review…

History of the Marvel Universe 2

Star Trek Year 5 Issue 4

Teen Titans 33

Powers of X 3

Daredevil 10

Guardians of the Galaxy 8

How much SNOT sucked…

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