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Mindfields Issue 9

Mindfields had the absolute pleasure to meet and greet comic artists Mike Rooth and Casey Parsons. We have been friends with Mr. Rooth for almost nine years via Facebook and Instagram. 9 years of getting to see amazing daily sketches, inking projects and paintings has been 9 years well spent. It was a random happenstance that Mr. Rooth posted a photo of Pikes Peak announcing his arrival, prompting a fevered message “Bro! you’re here! You gotta be on the podcast! Let me buy you a beer!” Luckily for us him and fellow artist Mr. Parsons were more than happy to be the very first “In the business” guest of Mindfields.

The reason why they were visiting Colorado Springs, more importantly, the local comic shop The Iron Lion is their variant covers of the recently released Little Bird 1. The shop was happy to bring them in and give them the full red carpet treatment. More on this amazing comic shop later.

Issue 9 of Mindfields is proud to present reviews and critiques of Marvel Comics Presents 3, Ice Cream Man 11, Fight Club III 3, Dr. Strange, Amazing Spider-Man 18, Spawn 295, Doctor Strange 12.

In the squared circle we discuss the business model of All Elite Wrestling through the continuing episodes of Being the Elite and Road to Double or Nothing. Also, we delve into the possibility of Kofi Kingston actually winning the title at Wrestlemania in a week.

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin.

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