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IWR 38

Mindfields - Indy Wrestling Report 38 - Max Carnage and Suicide Puppets Plus Behind the Scenes with Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling

One of my favorite up and coming metal bands Suicide Puppets is about to drop their second album right before Halloween. We have their latest single kicking off our Indy Wrestling report starring Max Carnage. Fresh from North Carolina he was scooped by Rocky Mountain Pro and the skys the limit for him.

I was given press exclusive access backstage at Rocky Mountain Pro’s Milestone event. Basically i decided to go full guerrilla journalist and get the boys/girls to cut promos, talk mad shit about whose going over the top rope and make some new friends. I cannot thank Matt Yaden and Curtis Cole for their hospitality and giving me full access. The show was phenomenal and one of the main reasons that Colorado is going to take over the country as the hottest wrestling state.

Keep a look out for Suicide Puppets new release! Enjoy the new format. Also don’t bother emailing me that the sound quality cuts up and low during the RMP recordings. It was super windy and i was working with a VERY hot mic.

This is dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Sgt. Slikk

Available on all Apple and Google Podcast downloaders as well as STITCHER, Soundcloud and Spotify! or you can go to the website!

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