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IWR 26

Mindfields Indy Wrasslin Report 26 - Ryzin

How in the hell is Mox gonna feud with Pac at the same time as Y2J Chris Jericho my hero? How badass is a AAA wrestler named El Hijo De Viking? Did we know what the hell we were talking about when it came to our Rumble predictions? Why so many questions? How badass was Damon Ace Vs. Baylum Lynx and the Debut match of the one the only Lilith Grimm?

Pretty goddamn badass if you ask us. But why ask when you can listen to Joshua Michael and SGT. SLIKK talk about it all before we get to an amazing interview with Professional Wrestler - RYZIN?

Ryzin and Joshua Michael discuss the indy wrestling scene, religion, standing up against bullies and what it really means to be a good person and a good wrestler.

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, SGT SLIKK and Colin.

Available on all Apple and Google Podcast downloaders, as well as STITCHER, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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