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ABADON iwr 29

Mindfields - Indy Wrasslin Report 29 - ABADON

Theres no earthly way of knowing which direction your neck is turning, there’s no knowing where you’re soul is going, not a speck of light is your mother must be howling…at the fact that shell never know…the earthly direction your body has gone down..six feet? three feet? eaten? dissolved. ….as the monster Abadon has buried you upside down….so your soul will never find peace never find rest....never find the god you hoped to meet….please….……..stop the match.

It’s a full goddamned moon tonight as this goes live. And all you manics should know to wear something a bit more festive. We survived a brush with Abadon of Rocky Mountain Pro….and later tonight we see her on All Elite Wrestling Dark. Representing Colorado….the elite powers that be picked her. Before you get too deep into it Sgt. SliKK and Joshua Michael obsess over the best wrestling (we watched) of the week. Shoutout to Damon Ace..get better soon. Why are they burying Ricochet? WWE cannibalizing its own flesh and blood NXT. Matt Hardy pulling a new new reinvention. And last but definitely not least where to go in Colorado this week to watch some no mercy pro wrestling action.

We present to you…THE MONSTER………….ABADON

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Sgt. SLIKK, and Colin.

Available on all Apple and Google Podcast downloaders, as well as Stitcher, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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