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Mindfields - Issue 96

Hell of a WEEK! Happy Wednesday Mindfielders! Dont your locals. They mean everything. We take a deep dive into all this Batman this week and the entire first part of the Hellfire Gala, just making sense of it just for you. The Legion of Super..animals, pups? Should we care?? A thirty second trailer that means NOTHING to us. Joshua Michael finished the Chris Claremont X-Men Documentary and lets see what he learned…theres a ton of what NOT to do. We question the most pertinent of questions..Jean or Emma? How is it similar to Vader vs. Osprey? Vampyre Jyhad cards. Tarokka Decks and why should we buy the toy if its got a new hat?? McFarlane is going to make sure that Joshua Michael and everybody else in love with action figures are never going to financially recover from the success of his toy lines. And as always the best comic books the you-nited-states-ofa-Murica can provide:

Joker - 4

Batman Detective - 3 of 6

Batman Detective Comics - 1037

X-Force - 20

Mauraders - 21

Hellions - 12

Savage Avengers - 21

Immortal Hulk - 47

Nocterra - 4

Dune House of Atreides Collection

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin and Tony Morales

As always you can find us for free on Youtube, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud, any and all Google or Apple Podcast streamers, Stitcher…i can go on…of even the website.

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