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Mindfields - Issue 91

We went on the HUNT last weekend! Finding the comics that we couldn’t afford back when we used to be a children (thank you Black Dynamite). Joshua Michael and Morales go to 4 of the 9 comic stores here in the Colorado Springs..what did we find? What were we hunting for?? Who had the best selection? Customer service? What Stores did we fall in love with/fall RE-in Love with. Ed’s Comics and Cards, Vans, Muse Comics and Escape Velocity….some were excellent some were garbage. What Marvel Movies/TV Episodes are we on the JAZZ FOR??…AND COMICS!!!!…

Spawn 317

The Next Batman - 2

Suicide Squad - 3

Batman - 108

Savage Avengers - 21

Beta Ray Bill - 2

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin and Tony Morales

As always you can find us for free on Youtube, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud, any and all Google or Apple Podcast streamers, Stitcher…i can go on…of even the website.

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