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Mindfielders! MFrs! It’s another Wednesday. Always go to your locals and give them all your comic book money. Was there something you missed last week? Not sure what to get? Then we have the cure that what ails you. What is a Gimmick? Why is a gimmick? How or WHY do you get a gimmick over? We can’t stop saying or coming up with excuses to say GIMMICK. Then this weeks comics. oh my bob…JUICY is the word that comes first to mind. OBVIOUSLY…lots of Future State. but…Comics reviewed:

Nailbiter Returns - 10

Dark Detective Future State - 4

Spawn - 315

Aquaman Future State - 2

Suicide Squad Future State - 2

Batman/Superman Future State - 2

New Mutants - 16

Wolverine - 10

X-Men - 18

Harley Quinn Future State - 5

Stray Dogs - 1

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin, Tony Morales, Sgt. Slikk

As always you can find us for free on Youtube, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud, any and all Google or Apple Podcast streamers, Stitcher…i can go on…of even the website.

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