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Mindfields - Issue 63

Okay freaking finally we got this figured out and were on youtube for all you MFers to watch. For newbies ..we review the best in comics from last week while youre on the way to the comic store to buy this weeks comics. Oldies…you know the drill. Plus OF COURSE Indy Wrestlers…and not so Indy wrestlers either. Also whatever the hell else we wanna do. ENJOY! We’re available on all Apple and Google Podcast downloaders as well as Stitcher, Soundcloud and SPOTIFY.

or just go to

This is dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin and Sgt. Slikk.

This Weeks Topics and Comics….

Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Wakanda Forever

GI JOE - 7

Savage Dragon - 251

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Too Long a Sacrifice -2

Chu - 2

Bliss - 2

Mestro - 1

Spiderman - 47

X- Factor - 2

Patriotica- by Antarctic Press - 1

That Texas Blood - 203

Dead Body Road 2-3

Xmen - 11

Thor - 6

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