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Mindfields - 62

Happy Wednesday Mindfielders! Back on schedule Finally! How the hell are you guys? Hopefully you all have found a good way to vent and get out and about safely. Especially getting out to support your local comic shops. Today we give you our most laid back episode ever, until I reveal what Colin REALLY does in the movie industry. Kidding, he just met a lot of people who worked in the porn industry back in the Valley. And Joshua Michael apologizes in advance for his remarks on the latest issue of Deadpool, no offense to the writers and artists. But goddamn Disney needs to leave the writers alone. Oh yeah and comics too….

Comics Reviewed:

Giant Size X Men - Fantomex 1 Ice Cream Man 18 - 20

Star Trek Year 5 -13

Empyre Celestial Messiah - 1

Deadpool - 6

Big Girls - 1

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin.

Available for free on all Apple and Google Podcast Downloaders, as well as Spotify Stitcher and Soundcloud. Or you can go to

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