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Mindfields - Issue 61

GOT TO GET TOUGH! YO JOE! How do you pull off a feat of comic writing so fantastic that even 8th printings are flying off shelves…with NO dialogue? Hama did it goddammit. Why did the GI Joe Movies miss the mark for some but completely bring it home for others? What good comics are out there that you need to check out? Well thats why you clicked the download button Mindfielders.

We’re happy to bring it to you each and every week. We’re also still getting caught up.

Comics reviewed are:

Daredevil -21

Empyre - 2

Bliss - 1

Talkin Shop A Mania (this PPV qualifies as a comic trust me)

Doctor Aphra - 2

Teen Titans - 43

Archie Katy Keene 713 4 of 4

GI JOE - Complete Silence

Star Trek Deep Space 9 - 1

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin.

Available for free on all Apple and Google Podcast Downloaders, as well as Spotify Stitcher and Soundcloud. Or you can go to

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