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Mindfields - Issue 53 - Adam Warlock

Happy Wednesday Mindfielders! Hope this finds you well and your hands filled with good back issues that you’re either catching up on or reacquainting yourself with. The past two weeks Colin and Joshua Michael did an extensive dive into the mysterious silver age mage known as Adam Warlock.

If you found yourself pretending to know what that gold cocoon was at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 so as not to embarrass yourself in front of your more cosmic marvel knowledge friends…this issue of Mindfields is for you.

Every so often a legendary character is created that has such influence over our favorite worlds in comics. Unfortunately these characters can be very challenging to understand or track down the key issues that truly tell the tale of their origin. Adam Warlock is one of those characters. What is is power set? Why does he have an Infinity stone? Is it an infinity stone? Where did he come from? His original name was what? Whats going on…?

Well, let us tell you. Crash course in Adam Warlock baby!

This is Dangerous

Joshua Michael and Colin.

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