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Mindfields - Issue 48

What is it to access your mental tool box? What does “don’t leave the cat” mean? Find out as we start this very special issue of Mindfields ( almost a week late sorry folks) with a writers workshop. Followed by dissections of the best comics of the week! We also mention a few that were not so great but the important reason is WHY they weren’t so great.

This is dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin

Available on all Apple and Google Podcast downloaders, as well as Stitcher, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Kylo Ren - 4

Gwen Stacey - 2

Marvel Snapshots Sub Mariner

X-Men 8

Cable - 1

Darth Vader -2

ROM 1 Dire Wraiths IDW

Jessica Jones 4/5

Nebula - 2

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