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Mindfields - Issue 47

Juicy stack of comics this week. Life is good. Walking through Mindfields is good. Hopefully by now you loyal MFers have figured out were all about the story and finely crafted structure. And every now and then we love seeing the chaos in Hells Kitchen. What i mean by that? If you’re not reading Daredevil right’ve MESSED UP. Killer comics this week I hope are still on the shelves if you missed them last wednesday. HIT US UP!!! Let us know if you love us, if you hate us…if we got a fact wrong. Available on all Apple and Google Podcast downloaders, as well as Stitcher, Spotify and Soundcloud.

We love you, This is Dangerous…

Joshua Michael and Colin.

Comics Reviewed:

Farmhand - 14

Justice League - 42

Doctor Doom - 6

Savage Avengers - 11

Batman - 90

Daredevil - 19

Black Widow Trailer

Dr Strange Surgeon Supreme 4

Ghostbusters Year 1 - 2

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