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Mindfields Issue 38

We’re back! Welcome to the newest issue of Mindfields. This week we got a TON of comics to go over as well as breakdowns of Watchmen and all the awesome trailers that came out this week. Hopefully you get some good pulls today at your local and enjoy the show.

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael and Colin,

Comics reviewed:

Dead Eyes 3

Get caught up on all things X-Men

Daredevil 14

Savage Avengers 8

John Constantine Hellblazer 1

Spawn 303

Justice League 37

Archie and Sabrina 5 (709) The Breakup issue

Doctor Doom 3

Watchmen Episode 8

Batman 24

Cobra Kai Karate Kid Saga Continues 2

Annihilation Scourge FF 1

Thor The Worthy 1

Whats your local.

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