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Happy Thursday Mindfielders! We got comic dissection! Why? Because we want you to understand WHY the comic is good. We break it down. We help you with the story. We bitch about bad character development. This is not a Fan Theory show where we make lame ass predictions and theorize about PROOF THAT DEADPOOL IS PART OF THE DC universe. Get the off outta here with that clickbait. Joshua Michael, Colin and Morales are here for you! Todays selections are CHOICE:

Star Trek TNG - The Last Generation TPB

Darkhawk- 3

Joker - 9 Newburn - 1

I am Batman - 3

Star Wars - 18

Batman The Imposter - 2

Star Trek Mirror War - 2

Robin and Batman - 1

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin, Tony Morales

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