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Its been a week, its been a FEW LONG ass hard ass weeks. Limit Pushing Whatnot..

I hope you Mindfielder’s have been doing the same. Another dangerous issue of dissecting comics the way you would in a expensive ass college class but for the low low price of free. Abadon’s match with Britt was fucking awesome and Morales goes into the psychology of the tables. WHY WHY DOES THE CROWD LOVE TABLES?? You dont ever hear anybody chant “GET THE LADDERS!!”. We love Abadon and you should too. Big dilemma over why Chuck and Magnus are the biggest bastards and that the founded Krakoa on a MOUNTAIN OF LIES.

Joshua Michael..the art geek he is lays it out..what is form? How does it work within comics? How does it apply to art at all? You cant do _______ art in _______ with ______(HUGE NAME COMIC)..but it works in the indies? Why? How?

Comics dissected:

Inferno - 2

Ice Cream Man - 26

The Swamp Thing - 9

Spidey is not going WELL AT ALL

Daredevil - 35

Fear State Catch UP Batman - 116

King Spawn - 3

Gunslinger - 1

Arkham City - The Order of the World - 2

House of Slaughter - 1

Mister Miracle - 6

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Tony Morales, Colin

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