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How many more goddamn stories do we gotta stomach before we have had enough of these risky dink stories between Empire and Jedi. Are Marvel and Disney just sapping the blood out of everything pure and holy while too scared to make any good new Star Wars stories? The Mandolorian was such a breath of fresh air because ITS A GODDAMN NEW STORY TAKING RISKS.

Colin’s union might actually STRIKE this week which could cause a nationwide shutdown of movie production. Hey they aren’t treating them right. Time to stand up for themselves. We come up with the epic code “Bros before Comic Codes” pact.

Anyways, Happy Wednesday Mindfielders. We have a ton of books to dissect so lets get cutting.

Comics Reviewed:

Moon Knight - 3

The Death of Doctor Strange - 1

Miracle Molly - 1

Detective Comics - 1043

Last Ronin - 4

Reptillian - 4

King Spawn - 2

Superman 78’ - 2

Star Wars Bounty Hunters - 1

Alien - 7

X-Men - 3

The Onslaught Revelation - 1

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin and Tony Morales,

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