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Mindfields - Issue 101

Mindfielders! (just like a Zordon!) Em Offers..Mftees….whatever the hell you wanna calll yourselves but as long as you keep listening. Our first episode past our bicentennial (200 issues total, 100 of comics) is sure to rattle you. Did you know that we got a wrestling swerve inside the very pages of Daredevil? New Baddies! We didn’t know that it was Typhoid Mary the whole time and now they are giving us more Durdenesque twists (yeah yeah..what a twist!) Billy Tucci’s Shi Kickstarter is going strong so dont forget to support it same for the Hack/Slash Omnibus 2. Remember we are looking into WHY these comics are good. Not just cause some asshole sucker punched some other asshole in a heroic fashion. Also HOLY FUCKING SHIT The Suicide Squad was good! Why should you have a responsibility in your writing and not accidentally inspire some terrorists to follow your plan exactly?

Our Resident Badass Tony Morales digs deep on the comparison to AEW and WCW. I still lose my argument that Mindfields needs a windowless van. Comics Reviewed:

Star Wars Dark Empire 1 -6

Made in Korea 1-3

Suicide Squad - 6

Crush and Lobo - 3

Batman -111

Daredevil - 32

Star Trek Year 5 - 23

Something is Killing The Children - 18

Cable - 12

As always,

This is Dangerous,

Joshua Michael, Colin and Tony Morales

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